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Monday, February 21, 2011

Glasses man

There’s a man named Phillip Rochette, an Opticien, who makes glasses for $20 (including lenses and frames). He makes them for everyone, including people on welfare. He charges you $20 after the amount that welfare provides. He provides the frames (has a good selection) and makes the lenses. I bought one new pair for $20, and they are delightful.If you want a specialty pair made he charges extra. For example: I got a pair made using my old frames, he charged me $70 plus $20 because the frames were more difficult to install. I also got a prescription pair of sunglasses fpr $30. Three pairs of glasses for $140, is a great deal.

You must provide the prescription, and he’ll do the rest. He provided all 3 pairs for me within 2weeks.

You can meet him at Chez Doris(downtown) at Projet Pal(in Verdun), and soon at Wellington Centre, as well at other locations. He is there at specified times.. He may also ask you to meet him at his home for payment,etc.

New glasses $20- flat rate. phone# (514)303-4315

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