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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wellington Centre Decision Making Committee

Wellington Centre Decision Making Committee

I am a member of the Decision Making Committee at the Wellington Centre. We started up last year in November, headed by Barry Crago, and assisted by Marcella Daniels, Paticia Kaouk, Frances Skerritt, and Lauren Palardy The rest of the committee is composed of members of the Wellington Center members of Les Impatients, and the like. We are: Laurence, Kenneth, Ryan, Sylvain, Anne, and I, Julia.

We consulted with a man named David Steiner from Yale University in the U.S. David has experience in community facilitation, organization, and social/ mental health issues. He benefitted us with dozens of charts so that we could organize our thoughts and clarify our agenda. By the end of April, we will have met him for 3 sessions of 2 consecutive days each since November. Thanks to Mr. Steiner, we got some valuable information about the coordination and solidification of our plans.

Some of the things we discussed and thusly organized were: a new resource centre, headed by Kenneth; the Wellington Sun, now headed by Alain Daigneault, a newly re-vamped Crafts Boutique, painting the foyer and installing art work, and building a plan for future computer use. We also want to paint the centre, in order to spruce it up. We are planning peer-support groups for help and support and are planning different activities like the fashion show, held last year. Also more outings and lots of other fun stuff.

The arts and crafts including ceramics, we decided, were something that was good about the center already, and that we would like to continue to support,

We are continuing our plans and request that you have patience for all the fun and wonderful things we are trying to put into action. The Wellington Centre will soon be a place where all will be welcome to come, relax and participate.

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