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Monday, February 21, 2011



The processes of Recovery by Frances Skerritt, pair specialist

What is recovery?

Working with that word! something about that word bothers me, what is it?

Could it be that people act as if they own it, wear it, or can buy it?

Could it be that individuals who do not experience it try to stake claim to it, as if it were a piece of stock market, or a piece of land? Or could it be that everyone assumes that they are an expert in it. Because they have read or have studied it and for those reasons alone, would that make anyone more of an expert, than the individuals who have to put it into practice every day for the rest of there lives?

I do not know.

But what I have realised over time is that only the individuals who live with it can define it.

Each person is the master and controller, as well as the true story teller. They are the ones who are the true experts, and I think even they can tell you, if you are listening, that there are thousands of different versions of it. Ones experience is as valid as another, whether it is simple or complicated. The other thing I have found is that the process of recovery becomes a unique story that can change over time, as individual will edit and re-edit what they believe to be necessary in their recovery process.

So when you think back to what I originally questioned, the answer is there: there is no one answer, but there is a main rule. Recovery has to start from the individual first and we are supposed to be there as supporter and guides, only when needed.

Frances Skerritt, pair specialist

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