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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Congratulation to Nathalie Séguin

Congratulation to Nathalie Séguin, who is among the winners of the contest ‘’the writers of tomorrow’’ from the CSDM. Her Literary Novel will be published next june by l’Association des illustratrices et illustrateurs du Québec. Alain met with her.

- Is it your first time winning?

Nathalie – In fact, in my third year of high school, they wanted to publish my tale but there was a lack of funding or the deadline was past.

- ‘’the writers of tomorrow’’, what does it evoke for you?

Nathalie – It`s promising. Maybe having the opportunity to follow the literary field.

- You`ve been at the CSDM a long time?

Nathalie – I first did my studies at the CSDM when I was young. Later, I followed some workshops at the CS Marguerite Bourgeoys.

- How did you come to write a Literary Novel?

Nathalie – I had to remember what a Literary Novel was first. Then, I got helped by Émilie Roy, my teacher.

- What is the relationship that you have with Émilie?

Nathalie – I can say that we meet up in many ways. Let’s say that we both have lots of life experience.

- What is the relationship that you have with writing in general?

Nathalie – In general, I first got help from my grand-father. I progressed and grew up with his support, which allowed me to have more ease with reading and writing. After that, I started to write again gradually. There’s been a big gap in my life. I only started to write again recently with poems, texts and the Literary Novel.

- What are your future projects?

Nathalie – It’s vague but I will follow the opportunities that life brings me. If I get the chance to have some help to progress, I hope to take it.

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