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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Springtime, season of love

Springtime, season of love

By Jancy Bolté.

When springtime comes back, I'm still nineteen years old. Isabelle gets the cow out! There's springtime. Here is the nice weather, but it's also the springtime of Boticelli. The season of love, it's springtime, for men, woman and beasts. Cats, dogs, what do I know? Springtime, it's the three step waltz from Jacques Brel, when he was named Jackie. Even now that I have had sixty springtimes, though feel like I've had twenty-two, I find winter too long, I tell myself that the springtime is good. very, very good. I know, it`s April, but its been springtime since March. So a little springtime cold is not so bad, at least we must hope.

Springtime, it`s an allegory, Allegoria della primavera. For all time, there is the springtime of Antonio Vivaldi to listen to absolutely. But the springtime is also the renewal of nature, its burgeoning, bounty, the tender green appears. Its magical! Its like the ``music of the spheres``. Even if we inhabited Andromeda, Jupiter, Pisces, Aquarius, or Gemini, there is always the springtime.

Springtime is also a speechless french film produced by Louis Feuillade, in 1909.

The film is divided in many episodes:

  • The awakening of the source.

  • The awakening of the nests.

  • On the ponds.

  • The orchestra love leader

  • The kiss.

  • In the orchards.

  • The games and the rices.

  • Floréa

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The springtime has inspired many artists, musicians (Mendhelson, song of springtime), painters, cinematographers, poets, novelists and more! Springtime is an unquenchable muse! For all of us, as long as we are or will be, let this delightful springtime that heats the heart come to me. Heart of the pirate, that we all are! Heart of springtime, heart of always, passionately! And me too, I am inspired! Really, springtime, is the time of all the times. Tempo perfecto!

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