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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How I see springtime

How I see springtime

By Bertrand Poupart

Thus said : all started smoothly this year. People warm themselves and give each other some attention... The work stays stable but love stories begin, tears apart for some and for others, they start anew.

There are calm people that adapt well and share the different programs offered and there is a lot of action in motion. Without any regard, individuals love to laugh together and the different reactions are fantastic to observe. Easter is coming April 24 2011! Soon is the arrival of nice weather. We will have (by the time this article comes out, you will of had ) an outing to the country side, at the sugar shack, with a typical meal from Québec and Canadian Maple trees. The meetings happen by themselves and we get close to a sonic «anti-para-teaser» (see Bertrand Poupart for the significance) when its coming down to me. However, we see the sun reinforce itself and I can't wait to go walk on the mountain or in Jarry park doing outdoor activity and re-bounding in the grass looking at the birds. With all that, nature will come back to us as healthy as possible. Where will you go, you'll find a map, a plan, a house, a holiday field and/where your happiness will be renewable.

So it's a new start in springtime...The best decisions decide for themselves! So many good things.

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