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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I need your opinions. What do you think?

By Christian Ducasse

The following text is by Werner Ehrard and is included in Michel Trudeau’s book « Pour en finir avec the Psy», published by Boreal in 1995. Here is a printout of the text:

« If you could really accept that you are not well, then you could stop proving you are well. If you were able to stop proving that you are well, you could understand that it is not too serious to feel unwell. If you could comprehend that feeling sick is not that serious, you could come to the conclusion that you are as well as possible, given your condition in life. Do you get it? »

I like Werner Erhard’s way of thinking and I agree with him.It seems that I was and am more well than I thought. Do you see what i mean? the ball is now in my court...what is your opinion? Do you have one? You haven’t thought it send me your comments to my email address at or leave a written message placed in an enveloppe addressed to me at the ressource centre. If they so desire, users and personnel will see their responses published in the Wellington Sun. An attractive door prize will be drawn from among the respondents. Start writing!....Christian Ducasse.

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