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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A well deserved word of thanks!

I have at heart not only the smooth functioning of the Wellington Center and acknowledging the personal investment of the staff but also the people who occupy the positions by means of Emploi-Quebec and those who volunteer.

I must say what a pleasure it is seeing so many at the center give generously of themselves to the Wellington Center and I would like to acknowledge their contributions:

Since June, the boutique has been open every thursday, friday and saturday. The following people have worked at one time or another in the boutique: Paul Colford, Simone Brissette, Alain Daigneault, Germaine Thibert, Jean Laroux, Ellen Glendenning, François Guay, Christian Ducasse, Valérie Lamirande et Monelle Blouin also underlined are the volunteers who have given one day each: Marie Parée, Jean-Denis Proulx, Suzanne Martineau and Léon Lupien des Impatients and Gregory Rodd. The following folks have also donated their precious days off: Barry Crago, Patricia Kaouk, Nicole Andrée Gay. Valérie Lamirande who is also supportive and referred Monelle Blouin, a calm and positive volunteer to us.

At the reception desk, Paul Colford, Sylvain Descostes, Stéphane Orsini, Simone Brissette, Alain Daigneault, Christian Ducasse et Nicole Andrée Gay who fill in by taking calls and greeting the visitors.

Finally we also benefit because of the work in the cafeteria:

We must mention the contribution of Carol Gregory who for 3 weeks this summer has energetically worked at the cash, always friendly and polite, Melina Romano, Suzette Andrews, Clifford Nichols and Liliane Hamel who have worked as support staff for Hazel.

Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen who work the boutique, the reception desk, communication services, typing and creative writing, the cafeteria plus the well run resource center which offers its services to all those who access the Wellington Center.

Bravo for all your remarkable participation and service!

At last, with respect and infinite thanks,
Sincerely to you all,

Nicole Andrée Gay, Counselor for work adaptation Program PAAS ACTION chief

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